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We’re developers and not bloggers, but we’ve gone out of our way to occasionally put our hour-long lunch-break discussion topics into our blog form. Why? How else would you learn more about the people and the culture of Bridgewater Labs? Also, if you discover we share interests or opinions, reach out and check our vacancies.

  • Tech Hiring Slowdown: The Junior Dilemma
    Hiring junior or entry-level developers often comes with a certain degree of hesitation from companies, primarily due to their limited professional experience. Of course, employers can’t tell if JDs have the potential to handle complex tasks, understand real-world scenarios, and follow established industry or company standards. Unless they hire them, that is.
  • How to Land a Job as a Junior Developer
    Junior developers struggle to find a suitable position and often wonder why this is the case. What it takes to land a job and how to navigate a corporate career? Check out our HR tips.
  • Scaling Project Management Career
    If you wish to future-proof your career then horizontal development might be the way to go. A diverse skillset and adaptability might be the corner stone as you consider roles like product management, business analysis, and consulting because it will allow you to stay relevant in a dynamic job market.
  • Why Exceptional UX/UI Design is Essential for Your Business in 2023
    Outstanding UX/UI design will distinguish you from the competition in 2023. Prioritize user experience, enhance customer satisfaction and retention, increase revenue and long-term success. Hire a great UX/UI designer.
  • Blueprint on how to duck up client service
    A  group of enthusiastic PM professionals gathered around the LinkedIn post we made, and came up with 5 key strategies on how to ensure you never land a job as a PM by delivering extra poor client service.
  • Become a Software Architect in 5 Steps
    A Software Architect can not be someone’s first assignment or position. The reason for this is that it requires extensive expertise. Therefore, one can most certainly evolve to become a Software Architect through experience and knowledge.
  • Quality Assurance in an Agile Working Environment
    Good cooperation between the Quality Assurance team and different team members from the start saves everyone’s time later and significantly lowers the risks of a bad release.
  • Why Businesses Need An Outstanding UX/UI
    “People ignore design that ignores people.” — Frank Chimero Here’s a nugget of wisdom if we ever tested one.
  • Game-lovers Might Save The Planet After All!
    You’re not big on socializing and your thumbs are not really green? Worry not, we’ve got your back. Game-lovers, your gaming thumbs can still help save the planet!
  • How To Become A Senior Developer (Faster)
    Who is a senior developer, and what it takes to get there? If you’ve been into development for some time, this question must have crossed your mind. So what’s behind the title, and how to get it?
  • How To Get Up To Speed In A New Company
    If you’re a developer and you’ve just changed jobs for the first or the second time, you’re probably wondering how to get up to speed in your new company. Roll up your sleeves, because it will be mostly you planning and taking initiative to fully onboard your new workplace.
  • The Secret Power Of Micro-stressors
    While the majority of our stress is caused by work, there are some stresses that we’re not even aware of — but they are doing a pretty good job in thinning our nerves. These tricky things are commonly known as micro-stressors. They are a part of our everyday life — occurring somewhere between 20 to 30 times a day.
  • How To Pick The Best Job Offer – Part 1
    Benefits and compensation are the first things head hunters throw at software developers in a bid to win them over. Signing the contract for their company or a client is the ultimate goal so no wonder talent acquisition teams play hard. Knowing what’s on the table and preparing the right questions can help.
  • How To Pick The Best Job Offer – Part 2
    The job market has exploded, and software engineers are in high demand, receiving job offers left and right. Choosing the best job offer is quite a challenge since the offers are quite competitive. So, how do you pick the right job offer?
  • How To Prevent Burnout
    Burnout is a gradual process and the pandemic kick-started it for some while speeding it up for many others. Described as an occupational phenomenon, WHO states: “Burn-out is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.
  • Empty Your Inbox – 5 Email Productivity Tips
    Too much email, not enough time. If you’re a manager or a leader, or your job position includes getting your inbox cluttered with various emails day after day, email productivity should rank high on your priority list.
  • Build an application for your business quickly, professionally, and effortlessly.
    Your business is doing fine, but you’ve realized you want to build an application to provide your clients with a more convenient experience, reach out to new potential customers, expand the business and keep up with the competition. Where do you start?
  • Your Business Demands a Mobile App. Here’s Why.
    One important thing we’ve learned over the years with the everlasting technology improvement is that all information needs to be easily accessible to everybody. Your target audience should be able to reach out to you and the information your business wants to share with them no matter where they are — with just one click/tap.
  • AR: Unavoidable Tool for the Next Generation of Healthcare
    Augmented Reality is revolutionizing healthcare. It has become proven as the most promising and effective digital health technology. Through the advancement of AR we see health procedures are accelerated, medical knowledge is enhanced without creating risks of potential harm, and patients are better informed about their diagnosis and treatment, and their stress is significantly reduced.
  • Tech Community in Helping the World Fight the Pandemic
    Tech’s mission lies in the ability to supply products and services which will change humankind for the better. Its true greatness lies in giving back to the community, by providing tech innovations to people in need, donating to charities, organizing fundraisers, and volunteering to paramount causes.