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  • Your Business Demands a Mobile App. Here’s Why.
    If you’ve ever wondered how much time we spend on our phones nowadays, the answer might shock you — an average time is 3 hours and 15 minutes a day. That is more than 13% of a day we’re looking down at our little screens — clicking, swiping, typing, posting, liking, sharing, downloading, sending, and […]
  • Augmented Reality: Unavoidable Tool for the Next Generation of Healthcare
    Remember Pokemon Go? Of course you do. Either you’ve been struck by it at some point in time, or it’s been your friends, kids, cousins, colleagues, or their kids. It’s impossible not to know about this game, mostly because of its extraordinary success, but who would have thought that this mobile game would also grow […]
  • Tech Community in Helping the World Fight the Pandemic
    “We rise by lifting others.” – Robert G. Ingersoll It’s been more than a year since COVID-19 completely changed the world and the ways humanity used to function. Although healthcare providers already started immunizing most of the nations, we are still in the middle of surviving the pandemic, not knowing how much damage control we […]
  • The Phenomenon of Twitterverse
    When we talk about digital transformation, we tend to think about the disruption in industries and businesses in the while- and post-covid era.
  • Game-lovers Might Save The Planet After All!
    The Earth Day is around the corner and you want to contribute but your thumbs are not really green? Worry not, we’ve got your back. Your gaming thumbs can still help!
  • Remote work for beginners: Coronavirus edition
    Remote work is what everyone does these days, regardless of their industry, preference, or possibilities.