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What happens when your CV lands in our inbox? Your BWL journey starts 😁

We believe a good team starts with a good person so it’s very important for us to get to know everyone who wants to join our ranks 🙂 Whether you’re applying for one of the open positions, or you wish to join us regardless, we’ll be happy to meet you and see how our collaboration can be mutually beneficial.

Our onboarding process is designed to walk the new member of our team through the company’s #hows, while the #whys are to be defined and the custom career plan designed to best suit the new team member while being aligned with our vision and mission.

Each team in Bridgewater Labs has a specific onboarding procedure that enables a new team member to set up properly and comfortably, and it answers the most common questions regarding work procedures and projects.

“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions, and a healthy dose of curiosity. What do you think is the most important factor when building your team? For us, it’s personality.”

—Richard Branson

There’s nothing better
than getting better.

We consider growth, learning and personal development an essential part of our employees’ professional journey @BWL – that’s why we’re offering some really cool benefits which you’ll be able to explore as a member of our team! 😊

What does that mean?

A yearly budget for training courses

Each employee is provided with a budget which they can spend on any type of education that is in line with the work they do in the company.

Free English classes

As a language our employees use on a daily basis due to the nature of their work, BWL is offering free English classes to every member of the team during working hours. Our certified and experienced language coach will help you to step up your game when it comes to your business English and communication skills.

Horizontal and Vertical Growth Path

You’ll be able to create real value and master new skills every day through the opportunity of working in different positions within the company!

What to expect while
working @BWL

  • Work-life balance
  • Working on complex projects
  • Work Autonomy
  • Flexible working hours
  • Continuous education with a personal yearly budget for workshops and conferences
  • 23 vacation days
  • Private health insurance
  • Remote working as an option
  • English lessons on company’s time and dime
  • Biannual feedbacks and a possibility not only to move vertically in the company but also horizontally (change stacks, teams, learn something new, grow)
  • Excellent headquarters located in the city center with great food options nearby
  • Relaxed and friendly working environment
  • Team building activities
  • Negotiable salary

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Applying for a job that’s not in the vacancy

Curious about what it’s like working at BWL? Drop a question. Or 10. We’ll get back to you.

The position you’re interested in is not listed?
Send your CV and tell us why you’d like to join us and what you wish to do at BWL.
If this is too forward – we can start with a coffee. Get to know us, meet some of the team, and check out the vibe at the office.

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