FLD is an innovative digital solution specifically designed to replace traditional paperwork and streamline fieldwork management. Recognizing the challenges and inefficiencies associated with manual paper-based processes, Bridgewater Labs has developed FLD as a comprehensive platform to facilitate fieldwork requests, maintenance assignments, and reporting.

Our Challenge

Companies across various industries, such as energy, utilities, construction, real estate, logistics, fleet management, struggle with the inefficiencies of traditional paper-based processes. These processes often result in illegible, incomplete, or missing forms, leading to costly errors and reduced productivity.

Our Solution

Bridgewater Labs developed FLD, a fast, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective digital platform that eliminates the shortcomings of paper-based systems and supports both online and offline modes. It offers no-code form design, rapid deployment, customizable integration, automated reporting, and location-aware capabilities, aiming to streamline fieldwork management, improve team effectiveness, and deliver real-time insights while integrating seamlessly with any existing systems.

Tools That We Used On This Project

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