Help Me Feed

The “HelpMe Feed” project, by Small World, focuses on assisting parents with breastfeeding. The problem that the application means to solve relates to communication and comfort challenges which parents are facing while breastfeeding. The idea is to allow parents, health professionals and coaches to interact and quickly and effortlessly resolve issues

Our Challenge

Small World was looking for a digital innovation partner that could execute in a timely manner after some less than ideal experiences with a previous company. We inherited some existing infrastructure mainly on the backend but it was clear that we would have to refactor, build a mobile app from the ground up and make sure to deliver in a tight timeline.

Our Solution

We gathered a team of mobile, frontend and backend developers, as well as DevOps and started to tackle the challenge. It was split into milestones, where every milestone contained a group of similarly featured epics further detailed as user stories. Our approach was to provide quality solutions rather than quick ones and also act as consultants in terms of suggestions for better business and design solutions.

Tools That We Used On This Project

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