Trip Hero

TripHero is a booking platform that allows users to find experiences (ex. white water rafting) and packages in local communities and further explore all the hidden gems in local areas. It also gives operates access to inventory management and exposure to more customers while keeping more revenues in their pockets.

TripHero booking platform overview

Our Challenge

TripHero needed a technical innovation partner that could essentially step in and make a world-class travel platform to compete with Expedia’s of the world with a focus on experiences. They needed a partner that could consult on not only the technology but how to grow a platform business and solve aspects like the “chicken and egg” problem that every platform faces.

Our Solution

A team of 10 was assembled ranging from business analysts to AI / ML experts to capture the vision of the founder and make a complete business and technical plan. What resulted was an intuitive platform that allows users to book local experiences and innovation for local experience operators to track inventory, receive digital payouts, and keep more cash in their pockets.

Tools That We Used On This Project

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