is a simulation platform for training and education in cardiovascular medicine.

EduSound is a remote learning experience that uses ultrasound imaging to train healthcare professionals and students. It is easily customizable to match various training needs, making it perfect for training healthcare professionals and students in ultrasonography.

E-Learning platform

The learning module is structured into paths, each tailored to a medical specialty and including the cardiovascular system. Users can choose different paths with relevant courses, further divided into lessons on specific pathologies. The platform tracks user progress and provides an option to test knowledge upon course completion. – Is this clear and understandable

3D module

The 3D module enables users to explore a detailed model of the human vascular system, complete with interactive hotspots. Users can manipulate the model, transition to a detailed view of a selected blood vessel, and compare it to a healthy version alongside related pathologies. They can also access a media library and relevant lessons, and transition to a simulation module.

Simulation module

The simulation module provides an interactive ultrasound examination of various blood vessels, offering different viewing sections and modes. Users can manipulate the simulation, perform measurements, and examine pathological changes overlaid on a healthy image.


The certification module allows platform administrators to create exams to test users and provide certification from notable institutions like UEMS. Users can take tests online when they feel ready, and complete multiple courses during their subscription.

Who are the main users of EduSound?

Our typical customers are physicians who want to improve their knowledge and use the EduSound platform as everyday help.

In addition, various specialists can benefit from the Edusound platform: Neurologists, angiologists, vascular surgeons, radiologists, MDs, and others.

Other significant users are students, educational centers like Universities, high medical schools, and other Healthcare companies.

Our Advantages

Easy to use UI/UX

Users can see exactly what they will see one day when working on the real machine.

Realistic 3D models

Examination of the virtual patient (the vascular system of the imaginary man) from different angles.

24/7 access to all content

Users are not limited by accessibility to a real ultrasound machine or to patients, bringing time flexibility and ease of use.

Real doppler imaging videos

Our database from rich medical practice with more than 100 000 videos and 300 000 photos of different healthy and pathological vascular conditions.

Ultrasound device simulation

Simulating a real device interface and showing real videos with detailed 3D models of the cardiovascular system.


The user can obtain an internationally recognized license from the most reputable institutions.